Festival Jewels of the RMBI: David Heathcote's book on the RMBI is almost complete. He told us "This next book in my series "The Festivals" is planned as a hard back and will not be cheap! I hope to cover all jewels available from 1842 to 2020. As soon as I have more information I will let you know. The book will be pre-sold so that I can cover the costs in advance, price to be advised in due course." So watch this space for further information.

A new site for Irish Masonic jewels has been launched by Rt WBro Robert T Bashford, Provincial Grand Librarian for the Province of Antrim, and Curator of the museum at their headquarters in Belfast. Visit the site.

David Heathcote, Past President of Jewels of the Craft was an invited lecturer at the Rocky Mountain Conference in 2011. The title of David's lecture was Jewels fit to grace the diadem of an Eastern Potentate and he reports that the interest in the subject was considerable, leading to the planned re-introduction of jewels to a Utah Lodge. Read the full report...

Photo: Masonic jewels

Masonic medals, more properly known as 'jewels', are worn to indicate membership, denote rank or office, celebrate achievements and events, or promote charitable causes.

Many different jewels have been produced during the documented history of Freemasonry, from the very elaborate to the very plain, from simple materials to the most precious metals, all having an interest to collectors.

Besides their previously mentioned primary functions, they help remind us of our past, maintaining tangible links to our Order's history.

Jewels of the Craft

Is a collectors' and study circle for those Freemasons interested in Masonic jewels. This is the fourth edition of our website, and is here to be viewed by everyone where you will hopefully find something of interest.

This site is currently a 'work in progress' but is replacing an old site that was long overdue! Please be patient as content will be added over the next few weeks.

Members' area

Membership of the circle has its own benefits and, as well as those outlined on the membership page, including access to a forum which provides a 'virtual' meeting place for all members "where'er dispersed" and around the clock. Older copies of the out-of- print editions of our journal, The Diadem, will also be made available, subject to demand.

Further pages of on-line reference information gathered exclusively by our members, including illustrations of older jewels from the main Masonic charities, are included in these public pages.

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